Feira de Gestão FAE 2014

Video done on top of a storyboard done by the team at Editorial Design, while I was working there.

It's a promotional video for a fair that was about to happen at the time.

The content might not have been presented as it is here and the artwork is not mine.

Series of classical theater pieces

This video is a part of a series of videos. These videos were meant to be shown before the actual theater plays, which were part of a series of classical theater pieces reallocated into modern day language.

The videos presents the  play that's about to start and invites the audience to see the next ones.

These were done at Editorial Design, and none of the artwork is mine, only some of the animation is actually mine, since it was done by an entire team.

KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY - Dentadura Postiça

This a job I did with my friend Lucas Bonatti, for a class in our graduation, about movement and typography.

It's not meant to be really pretty, but it's meant for people who like the music and the artist.